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The Old Commercial Hotel
610 2nd Street      Osceola, Missouri        64776

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The Old Commercial Hotel

 The grounds on which the present Commercial Hotel is located was platted in June of 1850.
A frame building was constructed on the property and it bore the titles "Pollard House" and "Union Inn". In 1861, the hotel was destroyed by fire in the ferocious raid on the town by Jim Lane during the Civil War.
Missouri was a split-state during the Civil War and much of the Confederate supplies and money were held in Osceola. When Jim Lane launched his raid, he hoped to capture these supplies and the Confederate money. Osceola was forewarned of Jim Lane's plans and upon his arrival, the supplies and money he so desperately sought, were gone.
He was so enraged that he set the town on fire.
Osceola was thoroughly devastated. In retaliation for Jim Lane's raid, Quantrill and his Raiders set out for Lawrence, Kansas, gathering guerillas and angry Missourians along the way to assist them in their revenge. The burning of Lawrence, Kansas is well known. As Quantrill and his men rode through Lawrence, Kansas, they were heard yelling "Remember Osceola". The present Commercial Hotel building was rebuilt and erected in 1867.

*Established 1867*

The Old Commercial Hotel is located on the square of the Historic town of Osceola Missouri on the Sac/Osage Rivers and Truman Lake.
The Old Commercial  has provided a good nights sleep since 1868 when the doors first opened.  The Old Commercial has provided its services to the likes of such people as

Harry S. Truman   ( United States President )
Thomas Mix ( Silver/Screen Actor )

Sally Rand ( Performer and Silver Screen Actress )


Jesse James ( American Cowboy outlaw )
Cole Younger ( American Cowboy Outlaw ) 
Frank James ( American Cowboy Outlaw )
Robert Younger  ( American Cowboy Outlaw )
 James Younger  ( American Cowboy Outlaw )
John Younger ( American Cowboy Outlaw )
and many more over the 140+ years.

The Old Commercial Hotel provides numerous services. Old world feel with some modern accomedations. Modern themed rooms/suites, early 1900 style rooms, early American breakfasts, Gift shop and apparrel, Guided Historic Pontoon tours along the Scenic Sac/ Osage river bluffs, guided fishing along the Sac/Osage rivers. Each room is themed after a famous/infamous person in history that had laid their head a night or more at The Old Commercial Hotel in Osceola Missouri.
The Old Commercial Hotel
"A pleasant gathering place through the span of well over a century, The Old Commercial"

1890                                                     1935                                                       2010

"Where the past meets the present"










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